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Leafs WIN!!! Kings lose their throne

The Leafs won their 3rd in a row tonight in a really intense, tight game against the LA Kings.  I felt the Leafs had a chance tonight but that they’d have to play a better defensive game than they typically do in order to win.  That didn’t quite happen - especially not in the 1st, nor in the 3rd from the 10 minute mark on - but they managed to eke it out anyways.

Colby Armstrong is starting every PK lately.  Can someone update the stats on that now?  The Armstrong-Bozak combo is my current favourite PK combo.  It’ll be nice when we get Mike Brown back and can put him with Sjostrom.  I’ll have some confidence in our PK then.

James Reimer is like a young JS Giguere.  Not that I think his technique is up there yet, but he is so calm and makes himself big in the net.  In the long run, I still think Gustavsson’s our starter, but it’s good to see that we have options.  Rynnas and Scrivens are getting good development time in the AHL now.  Maybe Giguere’ll have to shut it down for the year and just be showing up to hang out with the team and watch from the pressbox.  I don’t want to lose his presence, but the future is now, and he’s not the future.

Luke Schenn, there are no words.  I love me a good solid defenseman.  His next contract scares me.

Tomorrow night: the Sharks.  If our defense can put together a solid game we’ll have a chance… GO LEAFS GO!

3 years ago

January 11, 2011
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